Why I rode for MS today.

I love being part of a cause, something bigger than me because its not about me!!

I heard about this ride and I was all over it – not because of the reasons I would have in the past – like just getting a really good workout. No.

It was because I could be in America’s farmland, with my guy and a lot of other people riding for a cause…nothing more real than that…

Today was the 10 month anniversary of Dad being gone and I couldn’t have felt his presence more – especially now as we ride back on Reagan Highway. It’s one of those times I would have called him and he would have just loved it!

But the beauty is that God not only gave us a gorgeous day, healthy bodies and bikes to carry us but healthy minds. Being in nature does that to you – especially when you are riding with it. To me – the authentic conversation I had today riding 50 miles surrounded by corn fields were better than any I’ve ever had over brews.

But the best part? Was when we finished. As we caught up and watched people come in from their ride, I was just moved…and then God brought us this beautiful gift. A man. A volunteer in a golf cart who rolled up with a huge smile on his face, looking incredibly happy to be living this life said, “Hey, as a person with MS, I just want to thank you for riding today. Hope you guys had a great ride!” Moved. Tears began to flow from my eyes as I realized – this guy is why I just rode.

Later on I watched as he led the little kids to start their bike race. Again I saw him by the food tent and I watched as he kept working, putting ice in drink bins. I had to go up and thank HIM. What a Healthy Voice this guy was for his cause. So I said, “You thanked us before but I just want to thank you for being such a light for your cause.”

What a moment. Moved by the spirit.

Thank you God for today and for people who have been given such a debilitating disease that can be such a beautiful light of hope.