Professional Bio

Meredith Terpeluk obesity & weight specialist / wellness advocate / life coach

Meredith Terpeluk, Founder of the Healthy Voice method, is on a mission to help people create healthy lifestyles by addressing how their unhealthy thoughts and behaviors around food have created an unhealthy way of life. An expert on the national obesity epidemic and the seemingly missing mental piece of how people relate to food, Meredith has developed a guide for living a happy life. By learning to choose Healthy Voice thoughts and behaviors around food, people will be able to look within to find that they are more than just their weight.

Meredith’s passion for helping people with their internal demons, which can often lead to eating disorders and obesity, comes from finding all the factors in her struggle including childhood trauma, physiology, psychology and spirituality. Due to a lack of understanding these factors, Meredith was in an unhealthy relationship with food for 20 years.

After graduating from Notre Dame, Meredith’s enthusiasm for helping people guided her to an internship on a Presidential campaign. It wasn’t long before her team went to the White House where she began her next endeavor: working as a Deputy Associate Director in the Office of Public Liaison. While in this office, Meredith led initiatives for youth, women and Irish Americans, bringing their needs to the President through events that hosted major political players and decision-makers including Cabinet Secretaries, dignitaries and national leaders. In her tenure at the White House, Meredith’s influence expanded to include Homeland Security where she served as the Director of Public Outreach and guided the director’s advisor on outreach to the first responder community, the ACLU on the Patriot Act, and nuclear facilities and food safety. After spending four years working at the White House, Meredith was determined to champion the fight against childhood obesity and to find out why she struggled with her own relationship with food. Meredith commenced in-depth research by reaching out from inside the Secretary’s office of Health and Human Services to form coalitions in and outside of government on the issue. Two years later and without a solution to obesity, Meredith returned to Notre Dame to get her Masters in Non-Profit Business.

During her time back at Notre Dame, Meredith hit what she described as rock bottom and ultimately entered treatment. Meredith finally found the courage to change from the inside out and made it her goal to help people who share the same struggle to not end up like her. Through Meredith’s internal enlightenment, she developed what she calls the Healthy Voice and is helping people worldwide to find it within themselves. Meredith believes the problem with our national fixation on weight-loss and obesity is that we are seeking security in fixing the surface, not the behaviors themselves. Meredith advises those who struggle to recognize that they have a Healthy Voice no matter what their weight and they deserve to empower it with the information and tools to live a more fulfilling life.

An inspiring and captivating public speaker and a Martha Beck trained life coach, Meredith counsels women of every age through individual coaching and seminars, and online videos for Curves International and at the Cleveland Clinic. Currently, Meredith is writing her first book titled Healthy Voice that will educate people on how to overcome their unhealthy mentalities that consequently lead them to unhealthy eating habits. From the perspective of someone who has witnessed this struggle from every angle, Meredith brings a “been there, done that” point of view that is unmatched. Ultimately, Meredith aims to bring the Healthy VoiceTM to college campuses through speaking and support groups so that young women can learn the Healthy Voice at an early age. Her hope is that this will start a Healthy Voice youth movement that will inspire positive change and healthy thinking through the next generation of women.

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  1. thank you for sharing your process so openly and giving hope

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