Awesome and Easy Quinoa, Turkey and Eggplant Recipe

Oh my Lord, this is delicious – have to share as I eat it so I don’t forget the incredible taste. Quinoa is the hottest healthy food. I can tell more people are eating it because it’s hard to find on your grocery store shelves. But it is fabulous, tastes like nutty rice and absorbs flavors amazingly well.

4 oz Quinoia

2 tbs Brummel and Brown yogurt butter

8 ounces sliced whole carrots

1 eggplant

2 oz turkey burger

2 oz black beans

shredded parmesan cheese

Instructions: Grill your turkey burger. Slice the eggplant in quarter pieces, and the carrot. Put them in a skillet or wok. Pour in 1 cup chicken broth and let cook. Put some butter on your quinoia. Put the 8 oz of veggies on the quinoa, 2 oz turkey burger, 2 ounces black beans, shredded parmesan sprinkled. Tasty!

*This is based on a single serving.