Hollywood weight-loss: Carnie Wilson and her new show “Unplugged”

Carnie Wilson has a new TV show airing Thursday. I saw the clip on Inside Edition last night. I just wanted to give her a hug.  She apparently wants to lose the baby weight. She’s also got a bakery she’s trying to open. Ok, so let’s see – having a baby and owning a bakery shoppe when you have issues with food. There are definitely people that do both and are fine. Kudos. But for someone who hasn’t dealt with the emotional issues behind her food, I would say baby and bakery are like toxic explosion!  I mean think about it! Could you have a better excuse to eat emotionally? How many pregnant hormonal emotional eating women do you know that don’t give themselves a license to eat a whole box of donuts if they want it?? And how many emotional eaters do you know who can walk into a bakery (let alone own it), and fill up their emotional tank with sugary goodness?!!????

I mean of course she has gained the weight back! That ain’t her fault!  If Carnie had 1) dealt with her emotional issues before she got the surgery or in conjunction with it, 2) found out she was an addict, she would have probably not been doing this show. Many people who get gastric are addicts. The instances of alcohol abuse and weight-gain are rising. So far I’ve only heard of no sugar or alcohol as part of their new eating plan but that’s like telling someone who is going on a diet they can’t have a drink or chocolate. If they were educated about the link between their potential addiction to sugar/alcohol, there may be less instances of weight-gain and alcoholism in gastric patients. I’ve heard the emotional recovery has gotten more robust, so that may be good but I’m still researching how different places do it.

In case you are wondering, I’m not a researcher, nor have I had gastric. But I have a network of friends who have.  I also have the same mind as someone whose had it because I’m an addict. How do I know it? Because I’m powerless over certain foods (substances), and (behaviors) like overeating if I’m at a buffet. So here is poor Carnie trying to lose the weight again, without this knowledge. It’s so hard to make peace with food. It’s not alcohol. We need it to function every day. But no one needs to suffer in an abusive relationship with it, or thoughts about it.

I’m going to watch Carnie’s show. I hope she’s got someone to help her get to the root of her eating issues so she can let them go.

Message of hope for those who suffer….

Today, I woke up with a fire in my belly….

The diet commercials and the infomercials for the next workout are starting to overload the television. Everywhere you go, people are talking about how much weight they gained over the holidays and what diet they are going to do this time. Many are talking about joining a gym and getting in shape. Many just wish they could stop eating. If the diet way of life works for you, then you are probably a normal eater and diets work fine for tweaking what you eat. Go for it.

But if you feel a little nervous about going on another one, and spending your money, that may be your body telling you – it’s time to stop the madness. The thoughts may go something like this: I don’t want to do this because I’m going to binge eat again. I’m going to feel like a failure again and I don’t want to. It never fixes my troubles when I do lose it. It doesn’t last for long. I just wish I could stop eating like this. I feel like I can’t.

Guess what, you don’t have to go on another one. There is a reason the word DIE is in the word DIET. It is no coincidence that Binge Eating Disorder is the most prevalent eating disorder around, that food addiction is real. I often talk to people who laugh when I bring up that phrase. They say, “Oh, yeah. That’s me!” But they don’t realize how much empowerment they can get from just learning what that really means.  It’s not a life sentence. It’s a gift you can work with to create a better life for yourself. You don’t have to sign up for the abuse anymore – the weight gain, the feelings of failure. In fact, you’ve got a chance for a totally amazing life totally diet-FREE. As someone who has felt that powerlessness around certain foods, I can tell you — once I let go of the control I felt with dieting, I found control of my life. You can too.

Back to that fire in my belly… This morning it was a deep conviction I felt that 2010 is the year to put the real issues on the table when it comes to obesity.  There are too many people hurting from every socioeconomic class. If we continue to only treat the the symptom (weight) of the problem, we will continue to miss the mark and obesity rates will continue to rise. Worse, people who struggle on the inside with weight or food obsession will continue to be judged and hate themselves. The mass discrimination and self-abuse has got to stop.

My goal for this year is to carry a message of hope by advocating for those who suffer. If you do the same, or you treat them: Get ready. It’s time to reverse the tide. It’s time to educate and empower those who can’t see the light.

When it comes to eating the mind is a terrible thing to waste….

I came across this article, “Eating Smart is all in your mind” in my weekly Washington Post Lean and Fit newsletter and had to blog on it.  I think how our minds work when it comes to food is a completely underestimated area. In fact, I believe it’s the most underestimated topic when it comes to talking about or trying to change obesity. It’s complicated but it’s also the key, I believe, to actually ending it. What do you think when you hear a community is going to do something about obesity, or someone is going to do something about their weight? You see and hear wonderful things happening where people are getting in shape and eating healthier. But often times there is something major missing, what are they doing to help people change the way they think about it so they can create tools for life?

Recently, books have been written, people have been talking about how we are mindless eaters, compulsive eaters, overeaters, emotional eaters. Others are talking about how we should mindfully or intuitively eat, which are much more healing than dieting.

But the thing is that you read articles and books about how to eat mindfully, intuitively and you get these great tips. No one is actually looking at what’s going on up in your mind when you are facing that huge dessert buffet at Christmas dinner.

So, I would read this article and if you are one of those people who can honestly mindfully eat just by reading the article or picking up the book (which is great, btw), then GO for it. Stop the crazy diet cycle and start looking at yourself. Understand also, that you and the book don’t have to go it alone.

Now, for those of you who have a mind like mine, you think, yeah right. That’s not going to work for me. I like food too much or I can’t trust myself like that. If you feel that way, it’s cool. No one is going to tell you you are bad (well, maybe your diet will). But, I’m here to tell you that you aren’t. In fact, it’s great to recognize it because you may need to take a step back and do a little more work to reset yourself.  Go easy on yourself.

I’ll tell you, as someone who tried to pick up Intuitive Eating when I was using food to fill an emotional void – it wasn’t a good thing. It just gave me the illusion that I could control my eating so I ate more and became more out of control. Not so fun. I know how I’ve used food and I don’t want to go back to it. Food is not an emotional mate for me anymore. Today, I know that I eat much more mindfully and intuitively but it’s a journey. I know my limits and how to check in with myself to see where I am emotionally.

Your mind is a terrible thing to waste. Use it. Pretend that you are looking in and you will find one of two things. One is a voice that isn’t healthy and one is a voice that is. If you are in chaos with food or something else, it may be really hard to hear that healthy one (and I’m not talking about the one telling you to lose the weight). But that’s okay – that’s why I wrote this blog, and why I’m doing my coaching so you can learn how to hear the healthy one and stop letting the unhealthy one rule your life.

Coming soon will be more on “How you Hear Your Healthy Voice” with my coaching and support systems. Stay tuned.

What’s your plan for holiday stress eating?

If you’ve been on Weight Watchers a hundred times (like many of us), you are on the email newsletter list. This article about surviving the holidays probably caught your eye and you opened it up. They’ve got all good things to say, and they’ve certainly got you hooked line and sinker because they know in a few weeks, you’ll be joining them again. Your just going to take a little break for the next few weeks. On January 1st you will make your annual contribution to Weight Watchers…

Don’t get me wrong, they have really done a good job at helping a lot of people take their weight off. They’ve even got their whole campaign that it’s not about the diet. They are very smart. This is why they are a multi-billion dollar industry. They definitely helped me the 15 or so times I was with them. The point system is a tried and true system for many. Awesome that people found a way to eat well…

So about this article…That part about the  “skinny voice of reason” gets your right in the gut. You know you are going to compare yourself to someone at the table. Their tips on “Coping without calories” are great too.

They miss something major though, just like all the other major news outlets when they start talking about how to make it through the holidays without emotionally eating. Those two things they point out and give you tips on – the voice, and how to cope are two things that people need SO much more help on.

People need to be able to separate that healthy voice out from the unhealthy, self-abusive, perfectionist voice and they can’t do it just by reading a paragraph in an email newsletter. It’s all about reaching your healthy voice because that unhealthy voice can completely stop you in your tracks.

People also need to learn how to cope without calories in a much deeper way. We all know we are a country that overeats, stress eats, emotionally eats, or doesn’t eat. Enough already. We need some guidance on how to cope without it and reading a book telling us we do it, with a few tips isn’t enough. We need to find out why we are doing it, get to the root of it, so we can change our course.

Food is always going to be there. Holidays come and go as well as the stress that comes with them. We don’t need to treat this one like it’s our last supper, or if we do we can learn why we’re treating it that way.

So, think about it. Do you want to set yourself up for another investment in Weight Watchers? or do you want to actually learn about that voice and learn HOW to cope. You got time. Just think about it…

If you are curious…jump on my call tomorrow night. Register here:


Is punishing overweight people really the answer to our healthcare crisis?


This is an article on Drudge Report today today from Thursday in the Washington Post titled, “Senate proposals put premium on health living ” which talks about wellness incentives. It’s gotten me a little fired up….

Ok, so we’re going to put the hammer down for people to get healthy. Really? How can you make coverage less affordable for people who are at risk for diseases linked to obesity when you aren’t telling them how to get healthy? Isn’t that like the cart before the horse? Why would you take away their coverage when they don’t have the foggiest clue how to survive without it?! Wouldn’t it make sense to do that first? You are pulling the rug out from under these people and telling them to figure out where to go with NO roadmap. You’ve made them so obsessed with their weight, that they have no idea what actually is best for them individually.

I definitely agree that people need incentives because there are way too many Americans who think it’s a waste of time to be healthy and workout. It’s about time that companies realize that healthcare costs are the major bulk of their revenue loss. But at least educate these people about how they can make those lifestyle changes! I’m not just talking about programs. I’m talking about Education and Empowerment.

Just telling them they need to lose it, putting them on diets, on fitness routines, or letting the government do it is NOT going to fix our country’s massive healthcare problem! WE have come to expect our government to fix our health problems. It’s ridiculous.

It’s our own personal health – not theirs, not the diet, food or fitness industry.  We need to take responsibility for our own health, NOT because the government is telling us but because we LOVE ourselves enough to know: Wow, we DON’T have to depend on the wrong people or institutions to tell us how to live anymore. We also don’t have to do it alone….

Can we please stop putting the power in everybody else and find it in ourselves? Government – you are wasting your time saying we have an “obesity epidemic.” You are only making it worse.

People need to know WHY they have diabetes, obesity, and the like. If they know that it’s not just because they are FAT, they will be much more open to positive lifestyle change. We need to help them walk through the journey, not just demand they lose the weight. Punishment is not the answer.

Just like a kid who is a wild one. The more you punish them – the more they are going to rebel. Show understanding, and care and they will listen. That is not what the government can do. That’s why I’m in this business. I’ve seen up close how incapable the government is of doing this and it is exactly why I have my coaching business. It’s time to fill in the gap and go to where we can get understanding that leads to health, not punishment that leads to more obesity.