When it comes to eating the mind is a terrible thing to waste….

I came across this article, “Eating Smart is all in your mind” in my weekly Washington Post Lean and Fit newsletter and had to blog on it.  I think how our minds work when it comes to food is a completely underestimated area. In fact, I believe it’s the most underestimated topic when it comes to talking about or trying to change obesity. It’s complicated but it’s also the key, I believe, to actually ending it. What do you think when you hear a community is going to do something about obesity, or someone is going to do something about their weight? You see and hear wonderful things happening where people are getting in shape and eating healthier. But often times there is something major missing, what are they doing to help people change the way they think about it so they can create tools for life?

Recently, books have been written, people have been talking about how we are mindless eaters, compulsive eaters, overeaters, emotional eaters. Others are talking about how we should mindfully or intuitively eat, which are much more healing than dieting.

But the thing is that you read articles and books about how to eat mindfully, intuitively and you get these great tips. No one is actually looking at what’s going on up in your mind when you are facing that huge dessert buffet at Christmas dinner.

So, I would read this article and if you are one of those people who can honestly mindfully eat just by reading the article or picking up the book (which is great, btw), then GO for it. Stop the crazy diet cycle and start looking at yourself. Understand also, that you and the book don’t have to go it alone.

Now, for those of you who have a mind like mine, you think, yeah right. That’s not going to work for me. I like food too much or I can’t trust myself like that. If you feel that way, it’s cool. No one is going to tell you you are bad (well, maybe your diet will). But, I’m here to tell you that you aren’t. In fact, it’s great to recognize it because you may need to take a step back and do a little more work to reset yourself.  Go easy on yourself.

I’ll tell you, as someone who tried to pick up Intuitive Eating when I was using food to fill an emotional void – it wasn’t a good thing. It just gave me the illusion that I could control my eating so I ate more and became more out of control. Not so fun. I know how I’ve used food and I don’t want to go back to it. Food is not an emotional mate for me anymore. Today, I know that I eat much more mindfully and intuitively but it’s a journey. I know my limits and how to check in with myself to see where I am emotionally.

Your mind is a terrible thing to waste. Use it. Pretend that you are looking in and you will find one of two things. One is a voice that isn’t healthy and one is a voice that is. If you are in chaos with food or something else, it may be really hard to hear that healthy one (and I’m not talking about the one telling you to lose the weight). But that’s okay – that’s why I wrote this blog, and why I’m doing my coaching so you can learn how to hear the healthy one and stop letting the unhealthy one rule your life.

Coming soon will be more on “How you Hear Your Healthy Voice” with my coaching and support systems. Stay tuned.