Today’s Call on transforming your relationship with food

The call is coming up in two hours!

How does it feel to know that your battle with weight may not be all about your own willpower?

You came into this earth with an innate ability to listen to your body. Right now you probably feel like you’ve lost it, because the magazines, television, diet books, and your friends are telling you what works best. If you are letting everyone else tell you how to get yourself out of that physical, mental or emotional state, how are you supposed to know what that awesome person inside of you might actually need?!!

Learn about how you got here, how there may be factors keeping you from getting where you want to be and how you can get out of your rut. Change the way you think…

Join Meredith in this introductory seminar to Core Wellness so you can…

Reach the light that lies within.

Call-in # is (712) 432-0800
Access code: 929910#

3pm DC/12pm LA/2pm Chicago/1pm Denver/8pm London