A Few Healthy Voice Tunes for the Tough Times in your Life

Hey all,

As you know – I like music – if you can’t tell. I REALLY like music videos, especially when they have a powerful meaning. I wanted to share two with you today. The first one was a song that started to come to me as a listened to the trials of one woman earlier this week. All I could hear in my heart and mind was, “Be strong in the Lord. Never give up hope. God’s got his hand on you.” Hours later, I needed to hear it myself. Funny how God works, so I pulled it up on my IPad while I was cooking dinner and felt grounded. I hope it helps you if you ever need it on your journey.


The second is one of Mike’s absolute favorites. He’s a country music lover and I remember a while back I was struggling with something, so he recommended it. He brought it up again the other day as we were present to this woman and I believe it’s powerful – not just because this guy has an incredible voice, but because the images portrayed speak to so many stories. It’s so human. I hope you appreciate it and share it.

Enjoy your summer day friends!

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