A Healthy Voice Perspective on Independence this July 4th

The reason I share this video is because yesterday I was wrestling with the concept of independence which I thought was funny being that it’s Independence Day week.

Meeting myself where I’m at in life lately. I’m going through a time of mourning on a couple different levels and we’re coming up on the year anniversary of Dad being gone. As I get ready to release my book and come into who I am as a woman in recovery and alongside the man I’m going to marry I’m on a whole new level – letting go of who I was. It’s like a total transformation.

As I face the fear of losing my independence, I come face to face with that beautiful truth of what I see as interdependence. Yesterday I started thinking about the concept of independence and started googling  what people think is the definition of it. I saw a lot about self-reliance, not needing anyone and the like. I got triggered a bit by my old escaping self of “Run!!!” Then I dove a little deeper and looked for what is my truth because mine is not that I don’t need anybody. That’s who I was when I was addicted. My truth is that I need people in my life for if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t be where I am today. If I wasn’t relying on God today I wouldn’t be physically standing I don’t think. I need people and for a long time I seriously didn’t think that. Sometimes that little devil inside of me can even challenge me to believe it and it’s just not true!

Why? Because I have people alongside me to share the journey. We’re different. We’re all human. We’re perfectly imperfect in our own way. But above all – we get to walk it together. Even better – if I didn’t have them beside me reminding me who I am, I wouldn’t be able to be becoming who I am for others through my writing and my purpose driven living with the Healthy Voice. They balance each other out. For if I didn’t have these people I’d be self-will run riot and taking my ego for a wild ride. I need people for they help me stay in tune with my deepest, most powerful self.

I don’t need extreme self-reliance. I don’t need extreme dependence. I need interdependence. I need to believe in myself, rely on those around me but depend on God to carry me.

If I didn’t spend 25 years in extreme with both on myself and on my parents I wouldn’t be where I am today navigating my way to a better place. I feel lucky to be navigating life one day at a time with the people around me that I love and a purpose and love of God inside me to guide me. It gives me passion, purpose and a sense of trust that I couldn’t get if I relied on my own self.

So, I’m with Brandon. I’m not who I was….and I believe it enough that I’m going to see him live in Warsaw next Wednesday if you want to join me!

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