New Years Resolutions and a Healthy Voice Manifesto

The other day I walked into the front door of Barnes and Noble. Standing there, starting at me was the biggest marketing display of the diet industry. Every one of the top 50 diet and fitness books. Gotta love strategic placement. Whether it’s the bookstore or the diet commercials on TV – THIS is the time to get your weight off.  We see this stuff and many of get a visceral feeling of having to get back on the train again, “Here I go again! Which one is it going to be this time?!” So you buy a new book, rejoin your old diet or try a new one. Each time you literally follow through with the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We are a nation addicted to dieting.  I spent 25 years on 20 diets and wouldn’t let myself start living until I lost the weight. When I gained it? Life had to stop until I lost it again. A crazy cycle. You know where it takes you. Don’t go there. Be nice to yourself. You don’t need fixing. Your thinking does.

What if while you are trying to decide what it’s going to take to get you healthy right now, you didn’t just think about just your physical health? What if you thought about the rest of you? Don’t know if you know this – but newsflash. You are more than your weight. I know. It’s a shocker. You are a beautiful human being with emotions and a spirit that need nurturing too.  If you only work on the physical, you’ll be feeding the beast that is the Unhealthy Voice that wants to keep you on the surface and completely distracted from your deeper self. I know you are all about, “If I could just lose this roll, I’d be good.” Yeah – there is always something. I got a roll here and there too. How about this year considering not fixing yourself for your Unhealthy Voice, and just doing what you need to do for you because you deserve to shut that thing up and feel good in your skin?!

‘Cause here’s the deal – if you realize life goes beyond that number on the scale, you can start to realize you are more than it. If you choose that workout, that nutrition program – that thing that gets you grounded – you’ve got your first start. You are making a physical step despite how you may feel. You are now free to move about the cabin that is LIFE! Don’t mess with obsessing about your body, your pant size, your snacks – OMG it’s such a waste of energy. Let that stuff be your grounding and then move onto LIVING! I know it’s not easy. But that’s where I’m going to take you – in my book and on my website. You’ll be able through my story to see your own so you can let it go and finally get the tool to help you navigate life with food in it. THEN my website will give you all sorts of ways to live it every day. It’s an adventure I can’t wait for you to join me on. 2012 is going to be a GOOD year for us!

Until then…some mental food for thought…

This week I’ve been working on the Healthy Voice Manifesto. I’ve seen a lot of people whose brands have these on their website, so I thought I’d give one a shot. It helps you know what this Healthy Voice ™ thing is all about and essentially – gives you a taste of how you can tap into yours.

So when you are making your list of resolutions – consider these as another piece of the puzzle, not another thing to do – another way to know and love yourself even more. It’s probably what you haven’t felt like you’ve had permission to even consider believing. Permission – granted.

Enjoy and let me know what you think! Btw, stay tuned for a New Years Eve Post on what I’m doing to get grounded physically so I can go deeper into my Healthy Voice in the New Year.  Stay tuned for later in the week I’ll share with you how I’m starting off the new year in a way I’m pretty psyched about called, “My Physical Grounding for the New Year”


This is about going deeper than your surface to live your most fulfilling life.

This is about being strong in your body so you can be strong in your mind and spirit, not more obsessed with your body. That’s not you – that’s your mind.

Your weight is just the result of your thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions to life. This is not about finally finding the zinger solution to the problem you think is your weight. You are distracting yourself by focusing on only one piece of the puzzle. Get to know yourself and everything that makes you who you are so you can begin to nurture the self that has been begging you to all along!

It’s about owning your power in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. It’s about how deep you want to go, not how deep someone is telling you that you have to go. You get to go as deep as you want.

This is about knowing that life is about walking THROUGH life and all it’s ups and downs. No need to stop and fix you. You will get through it.

This is about letting that Healthy Voice within you shine for the world to see.

This is not about beating yourself up when you fall. You can put down the stick. You are done with that self-abusive perfectionist. This is about loving yourself, nurturing yourself and GROWING EVERY TIME YOU FALL.

It’s about knowing how to tap into your Healthy Voice in and around you.

This is about knowing that life isn’t a dress rehearsal and you got one moment – that is now, no sense focusing on the past or the outcomes of the future. There IS NO BETTER VERSION OF YOU, only a better way to live within you.

This is about knowing the people, the places, and the things that will keep you strong when you’ve got to navigate those things that trigger your Unhealthy Voice in life – because they will. The stronger your Healthy Voice is – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually – the more prepared you will be for life.

Change is the only thing that is constant in this life. No workout, diet, person, or thing can give you ultimate security, except that which created you. Rely on it.  Swim out halfway by getting grounded as you can in mind, body and spirit because I can tell you when life does happen – the workout and the diet won’t be enough to help you navigate your emotional self.

You’ve got that Unhealthy Voice. You can’t pretend it’s not there until you face the fear it thrives in. When you know it, what it’s made of, where it shows up – you can finally navigate it. Take away its power and you find your own power.

You don’t have to have a Healthy Voice. You GET to. You get to CHOOSE it every single day of your life instead of your victimhood. It’s called willingness and that’s all you need to hear it. If you are – it will take you on the ride of your life and keep taking you further and further on it. You won’t know what’s coming to you – because it’s much bigger and better than that number on the scale you’ve been told to believe is the ultimate barometer of success in life.

Meredith Terpeluk, Healthy Voice ©

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  1. I guess this is my problem, but who is the sick bastard who put the Pillsbury Crescent roll advertisement at the end of this beautiful article?

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